1- I N I T I A T I N G
2 - P L A N N I N G
3 - E X E C U T I N G
4 - C O N T R O L L I N G


Executing a project – overview

This section provides an overview of project management and leadership activities to guide execution works.

You have spent a lot of time planning your project, and now you are ready to start executing it. This is where all the fun is. You and your team get to create the key deliverable. It is about executing the work defined in the project management plan. Doing so a large portion of the project’s budget is spent.

In the following sections we will learn how to acquire ressources, when to use which type of contract to conduct procurements, how to approve work packages, practical tips to lead, manage and develop teams including coaching techniques, examples of ways to engage stakeholders.

We are going to see how to assure quality, how to implement changes, corrective measures, and risk responses.

We will provide guidance to use lessons learned to improve processes, and much more.

Follow the next lessons to learn more details on managing the execution of a project.

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